As-Built Surveys

  • As Built Surveys
    Surface areas and height survey
  • As Built Surveys
    Road entrance 'as-built' for tarmac quantity
  • As Built Surveys
    Oil & gas pipework as-built dimensional checks
  • As Built Surveys
    Tunnel machine (TBM) portal 'clearance check'
  • As Built Surveys
    Structural steel work checks
  • As Built Surveys
    Shaft construction- Supporting props as-built


Throughout all stages of construction, 'As-built' (or 'as-constructed') surveys are carried out to ensure that designs have been implemented on site. CADSITE can provide regular as-built survey services throughout a project's lifecyle. We can also be called upon to provide independant checks on subcontractors work to verify that what has been built meets the design specification. As-built surveys and checks are an important part of a project's quality assurance procedures, any part of a project that has been constructed beyond its design tolerances can be reported to the client immediately, keeping remedial costs to a minimum. Surveys can vary from simple level checks (similar to the one shown below), to complex 3D line and level checks of structural steel work.

Case study: Warehouse 'sub-base' as built, Amazon Warehouse, Newport


Case study: Underground utility records, Llanwern Industrial Estate. 

The example below shows foul / storm drain, ACO drain, electric ducts, CCTV ducts, BT, & street light ducts which were regularly updated to the sites as-built records.

 As-Built survey examples...

  • Steel work- Position and verticality checks.
  • Utilities- Adding underground utilities (Electric, Telephone, Gas etc.) to records as the project develops.
  • Level checks- Foundations, concrete, walls, dig-levels. 
  • Volumetrics- Earthwork / spoil quantities for pricing etc. 
  • Area checks- Tarmac / concrete quantities. 
  • Process pipework- Dimensional checks, flange deviations and bolt rotations.
  • Drainage- Identification of sewer / storm water drains and level checks.

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