Site Engineering & Setting Out

  • Site Engineering & Setting Out
    Amazon warehouse, Newport
  • Site Engineering & Setting Out
    'Hanging' bolt boxes
  • Site Engineering & Setting Out
    'Corner marks'
  • Site Engineering & Setting Out
    Bulk Earthwork's Cut and Fill
  • Site Engineering & Setting Out
    Piling foundations
  • Site Engineering & Setting Out
    Precise steel work for tunnel launch frame
  • Site Engineering & Setting Out
    Manchester Airport ATC tower
  • Site Engineering & Setting Out
    M1 Gantry's
  • Site Engineering & Setting Out
    HD bolts, foundations and pile caps
  • Site Engineering & Setting Out
    Grid line profile boards for footings and brick work
  • Site Engineering & Setting Out
    Roads & Kerbs


Precise and accurate setting out is vital for the life cycle of any construction or infrastructure project. Working alongside both local and large principle contractors, CADSITE Services specilises in setting out for a range of applications from ground works to steel erection, and have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of all stages of construction processes. Precise setting out ensures that structures and features are positioned to meet the correct design and specification, it is fast and reliable and reduces the problems further down the line of in-correct positioning.  

Depending on your requirements, CADSITE can provide setting out services for a single visit, for establishing site grid lines for example, or you may require a site engineer to be permenantly based on site. Mid to long term based Site engineers also provide sub-contractor supervision and quality assurance throughout the lifecycle of the project. 

On larger projects, we generally work from dwg/CAD models produced by an architect or a designer. Setting out data is exported directly onto total stations or GPS rovers, eliminating the potential for error from human input. Good surveying practices ensure that we are able to set out to millimetric tollerances where required. Please see our Dimensional Control page for details of our precise measurement services. 

Site Engineering and Setting Out services...

  • Site control (Datum installation)
  • Industrial steel work
  • Holding Down bolts
  • Foundations (Concrete, Piling, Rock Anchoring)
  • Sheet piling
  • Earth Works (Cut and Fill)
  • Bridges
  • Roads / Drains / Utilities
  • Sports pitch marking
  • Housing plots
  • As-built checks and records