Deformation Monitoring

CADSITE have been involved in several projects where movement (deformation) monitoring has been required. Deformation monitoring can be carried out in many forms, from simple 'tell-tale' measurements of single cracks, through to precise (sub-millimeter) monitoring of structures such as roads, bridges, electricity pylons, and dams. Structures can be monitoring for deviations in height (levels), as well as for movement in position (x & y) where required. We use the latest survey equipment for our monitoring work, providing high quality and reliable data. 

Recent projects:

Electricity Pylon: Daily monitoring of pylon structure which was positioned next to an area of ground settlement.

A488 Road Montoring, Mid Wales: Daily monitoring (40 points) of road surface as Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) passed just 3m underneath the road's surface. 

A488 Road and embankment monitoring, Mid Wales: Before construction of a tunnel shaft could begin, a section of a hill was removed and stabilised with 700 rock anchoring nails which supported a main road above. 30 points located on the road and the embankment face were monitored daily to detect any signs of movement. 

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